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Friday, June 27, 2014

Eddie & George Wake Up in the Berkshires - Again - and Get a Shock!

Well, what do you know?  Here are Eddie and George, again, in Westhampton, Massachusetts!  It's been...what?...about 20 months since the last time.  Today it was hot and sunny.  Last time it was chilly and the leaves were turning.

It also turns out that they woke up in the swings, just when the power company guys were replacing one of the campground transformers.  We kept losing our power yesterday after we arrived.  This was supposed to fix it.  It didn't, but at least it was one constructive step toward a solution.  We don't want the boys to be without their air conditioning.

Here's what the boys were caught doing the last time they woke up here in October 2012.  Seems hard to believe they've been at this whole RV thing for nearly two and a half years.  But they have, and the boys are still swinging.

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