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Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Mouse That Went To The Moon - Part I

The Mouse That Went To The Moon
by William H. Scranton 
Logistical support provided by David and Kathleen Scranton 

One day there was a mouse that went to the moon.  He wasn’t supposed to go to the moon, but there he was, on the moon. Nobody knew how he got on to the moon, in fact, nobody even knew he was on the moon.

One day there was a mouse who lived in a hole in a Rocket ship. He was surprised one day when he felt rumbling under his feet. He rushed to his window,and saw the ground getting smaller and smaller.

He also saw red hot flames shooting out from under the rocket ship. “I wonder why there are flames shooting from the bottom of my house?” "Why does the Earth look so small?"

[Ed.: Before the author left, he added this photo but did not have time to explain it.  We understand that this is a photo of the mouse on the moon.  But clarification and further details will have to come from the author when he publishes Part 2.]


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