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Monday, September 14, 2020

Paddling Lake Fairfax With William

 Chapter 2 of the Adventures of William at Fairfax Lake!

Sunday dawned as Saturday had -- with William and the cats setting the pace.  They all needed their exercise.  We took Ruby and Baxter out for a walk, then accompanied William back to the skate park for some more scootering.  It wasn't long before the water called to us, and we got our kayaks and gear loaded onto the Jeep to take it to the shore of Lake Fairfax, where William wasted no time getting into action:

We weren't sure how experienced William was with paddling, but it turned out that he had been expertly taught by his Daddy.  David started out with William, and right away was eating William's wake:

The two boys took a paddle across the lake to the orange rubber buoy in the distance, then paddled back --

-- where they showed off their approach skills to Kathy --

-- and William brought his kayak safely to shore:

Then it was Kathy's turn to paddle out with William.  You can see their departure was smooth, from this video of William and Kathy as they set out on their part of the adventure.

Those two paddled all the way around the lake!  On the far shore, William spotted SIX turtles sunning themselves on a log, but -- alas -- they had no camera to memorialize their encounter.  They returned, happy but tired:

Even so, William wanted to paddle under a bridge to the boat dock.  Kathy could barely keep up with him on that maneuver as well.

Finally, William's arms grew tired, so he and Kathy landed their kayaks victoriously:

We celebrated our paddling by treating ourselves to some Subway sandwiches for lunch, which we ate (picnic-style again) back in a shady part of the park.

As a change of pace, we filled our afternoon with games of Potato Pirates and Ticket to Ride.  Kathy and William split the victories, with David claiming also-ran honors.

Before we knew it, Sunday was done, and it was time for us to take William home.  He got a chance to see his place with their furniture in place, including his beautiful new bunkbed!  As we said goodbye to him, the three of us convinced Mommy and Daddy to let us do it again next weekend.

Stay tuned!

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