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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Maggie Marches Through Middle Creek!

Hi Blog! Today is Tuesday, April 28, 2015. We are still trying to recover from our long weekend in Toronto. On the way back to our RV in Lancaster County, we stopped by Joan and Joe's house to pick up Katie's dog, Maggie. Katie is away on a business trip so family members are taking turns puppy sitting. We'll have Maggie for the next couple days before Katie returns home on Wednesday.

Maggie got us up bright and early this morning. We started the day with a quick trip around the campground pond and then a light breakfast. We packed a lunch and headed over to Middle Creek. Here are Grandpa and Maggie at the entrance to the Visitor's Center.

This is Maggie's first visit to Middle Creek, so we wanted to make it a good one. We decided a hike on the Conservation Trail would be a good start.  Here are Grandma and Maggie at the trail head.

We started with a short climb up the hill behind the Visitor's Center. It gave us a great view of the Middle Creek Reservoir.

Maggie was more interested in all the birds flying back and forth.

After enjoying the view, we turned and followed a trail into the woods. Maggie is leading the way.

Parts of the trail traverse wetlands. There are boardwalks over the wet parts. Maggie wasn't certain about walking the planks, so she let Grandpa lead.

Here Maggie caught up to a group of Mom's and kids out for a days adventure. The moms asked if we would take their photo.  Maggie agreed, BUT only if she could be in the photo. Everybody say cheese!

We finished up with lunch in the picnic area. We are going to head back to the RV and try and get cleaned up a little. We promised Maggie a game of chase-the-tennis-ball for Happy Hour!

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