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Friday, May 1, 2015

Eddie & George Wake Up With an Address

Eddie and George slept in this morning, and they missed our entire move from Adamstown, Pennsylvania, to Hatfield, Pennsylvania, not far outside Philadelphia.  It was only 11:00 am, and we were already set up in our new home.  The boys rubbed their eyes sleepily.

Eddie:  Where are we, George?

George:  It seems to be an RV park with lots of mobile homes and park models.  The sign says, "Village Scene RV Park."

Eddie:  Well, it does look very park-like, George.  It isn't often we get our own lawn and a paved site for the rig.

George:  I think it's more than that, Eddie.  Come outside.

The boys stumbled out into the sunshine and gazed upon . . . a MAILBOX.

George:  See, Eddie, I spotted this out the window.  I think we have a mailbox.

Eddie:  Why do you say that?

George:  Well lookie here.

The boys climbed up on the mailbox:

Eddie:  There's a number on it.

George:  What?

Eddie:  A number.  I think it's an address.  It says, "1...2...3."

George:  I saw a street sign.  I think we live on Willow Drive.

Eddie:  Well, then, Georgie Boy, it seems clear to me.  We have an address.  It's 123 Willow Drive.

George:  And I guess because we're in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, we probably have a 19440 zip code.

Eddie (smirking):  Well, of course.

The boys found the local post office and it was confirmed.  They now live at 123 Willow Drive, Hatfield, PA 19440.

George:  I guess this makes sense.  I heard Kathy and Dave mentioning that we'll be here for 2 months, maybe three.

Eddie:Why so long?  I wanna get out on the road again.  I thought we were going to see the Canadian Maritimes.

George:  Sorry, Eddie, but the humans said that Dave needs prostate surgery.  He'll get the procedure May 12, and then he has at least 6 weeks to recover.  So I think their plan is to try to hit Toronto in July to visit Matt while Weina and William are in China, and then continue on their original itinerary from there.

Eddie:  OH, THANK GOODNESS!  I DON'T want to miss the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in October.

George:  Don't worry, Eddie, we'll get there by hook or by crook, even if we have to fly out and camp in a tent.

Eddie:  Well, that's a bit extreme, George, but it is good to know that we should be able to get down into the Southwest this winter and continue our plan to visit Alaska in 2016.

George:  Don't see why not.

Eddie:  Assuming Dave can get his tract freed up and stabilized.

George:  Of course.

Eddie:  Why, then, let's celebrate!  We're going to free Dave from the bag.

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