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Monday, January 27, 2014

Boomerville Bread Bake-Off!

Hi Blog!  This is another one of those catch-up posts.  After returning on January 22, 2014, from the Pink Martini concert in Scottsdale, we decided to attend the Boomerville Bread Bake-Off.  Ok, I guess I have to explain a few things first.

As you know, we are members of a full-time RV club called the Escapees.  There are over 100,000 members, so getting everyone together at one time can be a little daunting.  Folks tend to congregate with like minded folks by joining BOF (Birds of  Feather) groups.  The first BOF we joined was the Medium Duty Truck BOF (now the Heavy Haulers) so Great White would have someone to play with.

While in Quartzsite hanging out with our Heavy Hauler friends, we were introduced to folks from another BOF called the Boomers. The Boomer BOF is an unstructured social group for those with a youthful mindset. They purposefully have no officers, no activity directors, and no published rules. How can you not like a group like this!

The Boomers were also meeting in Quartzsite.  They called their little spot out in the middle of the desert - Boomerville.  While the Heavy Haulers ended up with 12 rigs in their circle-up, the Boomers had over 103.  We attended a couple of the Boomer happy hours, got signed up for the Yahoo Group and "liked" them on Facebook.  We're in.  Some Boomers put together a schedule of activities for Bommerville.  We looked it over and thought the Bread Bake Off would be a great lunchtime outing after returning from Scottsdale.  We drove out to Boomerville just in time to be greeted by the wonderful smell of fresh baked bread.

The breads were divided into categories.  There were two sourdough entries.

And one beer bread.

The far table contained three different entries, each one banana nut bread.  The competition in the fruit bread category was going to be fierce.  The near table had the two sourdoughs, the beer bread and a multi-grain baguette.

Anke Staffenski won the breads division with her multigrain baguette.  John Black won the fruit bread category with his yummy banana nut bread. Karen Cotton won best appearance for her Alaskan Amber Beer Bread. Anke also won for best over all bread.  Stop the presses - there's a late entry!

When Judy St. Croix unwrapped here beautiful challa bread, Karen Cotton immediately turned over her award to Judy.  Not only was the challa bread beautiful, but it tasted great, too.

Those of us who did not bake any bread, were asked to bring toppings.  The condiment table was filled with butter, jelly, jam and peanut butter.  Everyone attending got to participate in the judging.  It wasn't long before all of the entrants were gobbled up.  And so ends this year's Boomerville Bread Bakeoff.  Dave is already getting ideas about entering next time we are in Quartzsite.

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