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Monday, December 28, 2020

William's First Hike in Paradise Creek Preserve

[Ed.:  This blog entry was authored by William.  All photos selected by William.]

Hi, Blog!  

We were ready to go on a hike when Baxter said that he wanted to go too.  Too bad for Baxter, but he couldn't come, because he's a cat and cats won't walk according to plan.

Here we are at the trailhead.  We decided to go along the short route.

Here is William reading the signature rock.  It says that this piece of land belonged to the Kurmes family.

Here is William chopping up all the ice:

Here is William being fascinated by this small feeding stream:

Here is a sneaky photo taken by David, as William didn't know until we got home:

Here is William showing his discovery of Tank Creek:

This is some very delicate ice crystals that Kathy found:

William shows himself on the tip of a cliff:

Here is William puking into a rusted out metal can:

Here is William standing in the middle of the train tracks.  Don't worry.  No trains were coming.  (Dangerous)  (Ed. note:  It is a rarely used track with long sight lines, as can be seen in the next photo.  The hiking crew acted very prudently and safely in taking this photo.)

Here is NaiNai waving to us from the side of the tracks.  Me and David didn't notice and we crunched through the bushes to get up to the train tracks.

Here is a fun guy that is always needed in blogs:

Here is the nice good-for-ice-skating lake:

Soon we came to the parking lot and headed home.  We found out that William could run faster than 6.2 miles per hour.

We really liked this hike.  And Happy New Year! 


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