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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Snowshoeing Paradise Creek Preserve

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Hi Blog!

It has been four days since our first snowshoe around Tobyhanna Lake. We've spent the time since slowly convincing our muscles that the next time we snowshoe, it won't be so arduous. The muscles agreed we could go out one more time before Christmas as long as it wasn't 5.5 miles. We compromised on a nice two mile trail in the Kurmes Paradise Creek Nature Preserve. We had hiked this trail on November 18th. If you are curious to see what it looks like without all the snow, check out last months blog.

As is our custom, we start every adventure with a trailhead selfie.

Four days has pasted since the epic 15 inch snow fall. From the looks of the trail, at least one cross-country skier came through. There were a number of bare boot prints. We were surprised that we didn't see any other snowshoe prints.

The well marked trail is easy to follow.

Temperatures were above 32 degrees, so the trail was a little slushy. We didn't need as many layers as we did last week.

The trail was awesome
Breathtaking on either side
Snow covered bushes as far as you could see
Glistening sprinkling of fairy dust
A most magical marvelous memory
When all was done and said
Nothing left but light fluffy snowflakes

From Snowshoe Adventure by Anthony Slausen

The trail provided us with at least one challenge.

Finding the boardwalk was easy; trying to cross it in snowshoes was a little more difficult.

Luckily, the trail crew added these large orange markers to show the way.

Tank Creek was resplendent in its ermine coat.

As we traveled next to the creek, it added its boisterous burbles to the quiet winter landscape.

We stopped to watch tiny icicles form as the creek splashed its way downhill.

Just think: this little creek joins Paradise Creek, which flows into the Delaware River, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean; you are looking at part of the future Atlantic Ocean.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy....

Winter Streams
Bliss Carman
Now the little rivers go
Muffled safely under snow,
And the winding meadow streams
Murmur in their wintry dreams,
While a tinkling music wells
Faintly from their icy bells,
Telling how their hearts are bold
Though the very sun be cold.
Ah, but wait until the rain
Comes a-sighing once again,
Sweeping softly from the Sound
Over ridge and meadow ground!
Then the little streams will hear
April calling far and near,—
Slip their snowy bands and run
Sparkling in the welcome sun.

There is a little red blazed elbow off the main trail that is fun to explore. The rhododendron try to hide the trail. But with a little perseverance, you can find your way.

As Christmas fast approaches, this may be our last blog for a week or so. We wish all our friends and family a Happy Hanukkah, Festive Festivus, Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day and an Amazing Kwanzaa!

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