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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Eddie & George Wake Up in Gallup, New Mexico

The boys woke up this morning in a completely new world - northwestern New Mexico, just outside Gallup.  The campground boasts lots of xeriscaping and sculpture, all appropriate to this land of the pueblo:

For their morning coffee walk, the boys first met some other campers hanging out at the water fountain:

Some places in the campground were so pretty, it made the boys weepy:

They found an old buckboard wagon.  Eddie elected to take the reins.  George tried out an old saddle hanging on the side of the wagon.  George wanted to gallup, but the wagon would only buck.

Finally, they found some natives making music and dance and decided this was the place to hang out for the day.

Perched on Historic Route 66, this campground is a great place to watch the passing travelers and imagine what it was like when only Pueblo Indians and immigrant settlers inhabited this area.


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