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Monday, April 28, 2014

William Discovers the Campground

Hi Blog.  Today I get to spend the day with YeYe and NaiNai. My name is William, but my family and friends call me HaoHao. I just came back to the U.S of A from Ecuador. I don't remember being here before.  I was only 8 months when we left.  Now I am all grown up. MaMa, BaBa and me are all staying at MomMom and PopPop's house in Delaware.  It is real close to the campground where YeYe and NaiNai are staying.  While MaMa and BaBa want to do some shopping, BuBu (our dog) and I are going to play at the campground.  At first, I was a little sad that MaMa and BaBa couldn't stay and play, but, once I saw the big slide at the playground, I didn't stay sad long.

Here is a YeYe playing in the rocks with my trucks.  I took this photo myself!

NaiNai has Bubu on her lap.  I also took this photo, but I was getting better at it by now:

This is my favorite truck.  It holds lots of rocks.  We made giant piles of rocks and moved them all over the playground.

After sitting for so long moving rocks around, I wanted to get up and run around.  I found this really cool ball tied to a string hanging from a pole.  YeYe called it "tetherball."  I just called it fun.  You throw the ball and then you stand really still and sometimes it comes back and hits you and other times it just goes right by.

But, you can only get hit in the head with a ball so many times before it starts to hurt.  So, we took a break from tetherball and went down to the Brandywine Creek.  On the way down the big hill, I stopped and filled my pockets with as many rocks as I could find.  NaiNai also put rocks in her pocket, too.  We then went right up to the water and threw the rocks in!  Some make big splashes, other made little splashes.  We had to be careful not to hit the big birds that swim by.  Yeye called them geese and then he said something about "wawa," which made me think first of MaMa, and then BaBa, and then the Banana Song by the Minions.

Here we go - take rock out of pocket -

- then throw into water!  Yeah!

After all the rocks were gone, we went to go walk in the woods.  On the way to the trail, I got to see a big green tractor.  It is just like the white tractor I have.  The guy waved and made the bucket in the front go up and down.  Cool!

I like walking on trails.  I got to pick up a big stick and used it to poke things as I walked.  The trail was very steep. I crossed two bridges and had to walk up steps made of trees. But I made it all the way up the hill all by myself!

After all that hiking, I needed a snack.  We went back to YeYe and NaiNai's casa and drank some water and ate cookies!  After our cookie break, we walked back down to the camp store.  YeYe and NaiNai let me pick out a ball and a pink plastic plate that you are allowed to throw around.  NaiNai called it a "Fisby" (at least I think that's what she said).  Did you know you can make a fisby fly in the air or roll on the ground?  As fun as the fisby is, I like my little basketball the best.

We walked and played and walked and played.  Then it was time for lunch.  We ate outside on the wood table.  NaiNai cut up apples and we stuck them into peanut butter and ate them.  I liked just eating the peanut butter with my finger.  After we ate all the apples, it was time for quiet time.  YeYe put Caillou on his 'puter and we learned all about pirates and bugs. BuBu and Baxter the cat watched, too.

I wan't ready for my nap yet, so I told YeYe and NaiNai I wanted to go back to the park.  I guess I was more tired than I though because YeYe had to carry me part of the way.  Just as I was going to go down the slide, MaMa and BaBa came back! I was having so much fun, I didn't want to leave. But MaMa and BaBa promised I could come back.  I can't wait.

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