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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

William Redux: Christmas in Ecuador

Hi, Blog!  Nai Nai and Ye Ye let me do another blog entry!  This one is all about Ho Ho Ho (Ed.: Santa) and the Shu (Ed.: Christmas Tree)!

Ba Ba got us a Shu and we put it up a while ago.  I think it's really pretty.  I made a decoration in school and Ma Ma hung it on the Shu.  It's the blue one shaped like a corazon.

When we woke up this morning, Ba Ba and Ma Ma brought me into Nai Nai's and Ye Ye's bedroom to wake them up.  They were already awake!  They must have been even more excited about Christmas than I was.  We ran down the stairs to see what Ho Ho Ho left under the Shu.  Wow!  There were lots of presents and some big rojo stockings filled with lots of cool stuff:

As soon as we came downstairs, Ba Ba showed me the stockings and the tree:

My stocking was SO BIG, it held lots of great things!  I got some big colores:

Bubu had a stocking too.  Mine says, "William," but Bubu's says, "Woof!"  His stocking had two presents:  a squeaky orange dachsund and a squeaky blue bone.  Bubu loved the orange one most.  Here is Bubu protecting his new toy from Ye Ye, who was trying to grab it and throw it down the hall:

I didn't think that adults got presents at Christmas, but here is Nai Nai with a present she said was, "Really great!"  It looked like a picture book about castles:

Everyone got presents.  Here are Ba Ba, Ma Ma and Bubu looking at presents:

I think I got present overload, because, after everything was unwrapped, I didn't know what to do next.  Here is a photo of me with Ba Ba and Ye Ye.  Ba Ba is holding my panda bear, "Da Xiong" (Ed.: "Big Bear").  Ye Ye is showing me my favorite YouTube video, which is of the Minions (Ed.: characters in the movie, "Despicable Me") singing "Ba-Na-Na" (Ed.: the Minion version of the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann"):

That just wasn't enough fun, so Nai Nai read me Dr. Seuss's "The Foot Book":

Another gift from Ho Ho Ho was a big bucket of magnetic numbers and letters.  I have a whole side of a refrigerator to use them on.  Here's a photo of Ma Ma helping me put all the letters and numbers on my refrigerator:

THEN we had the HIGHLIGHT of the morning - even MORE FUN than unwrapping presents (Ed.: perhaps unwrapping presents is more fun, but we will accept William's statement at face value.) - Skyping with Gu Gu (Ed.: Auntie Katie) and Mom Mom and Pop Pop:

Skyping and playing with presents is just too tiring.  So Ma Ma fixed us a big Chinese lunch.  Here we are enjoying it:

After lunch, it was almost time for my nap, but I had just enough time to sit with Nai Nai and put stickers on our noses.  Everyone does this on Christmas Day, I can assure you.

I started getting sleeping, so Ma Ma took me upstairs.  As she held me, I looked over her shoulder back at the Shu and saw a post-Christmas apocaplyptic vision:

My nap is over now and Ye Ye is letting me finish my blog entry.  Ma Ma is making dumplings for dinner.  Ba Ba made what he called a "Passionate Banana-Mango-Margarita." Nai Nai and I helped Ma Ma make dumplings.  I ate at least siete (Ed.: seven) dumplings already, and they all called me, "Empanada Monstro"! (Ed.: Dumpling Monster).

Well, it's almost dinner time and I want to be sure I get siete (Ed.: seven) more dumplings, so I'd better go and get in front of Ba Ba, Nai Nai and Ye Ye in the dinner line.

P.S.  - Ba Ba, Nai Nai and Ye Ye helped me take photos.  Here are photos of Ba Ba and me taking photos of each other:

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family.  GOD BLESS US EVERY ONE!

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