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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All the Latest Crime News from the Flathead Lake Area

These items from the police blotter as reported in the July 24 edition of the Flathead Beacon:

Tuesday, July 16

- A Kalispell man requested that a stray 7-year-old boy be removed from his yard.  He also complained that his garage was covered in paint ball splatter.

- A Kintla Way resident came home to find his front door open and all of his computers unplugged.

- Two teenage girls were seen tossing swings over the top bar of a swing set.  A deputy determined that nothing illegal had occurred.

- Someone droving through Hungry Horse called 911 to report that the passengers of a large diesel pick up truck mooned him.

Wednesday, July 17

- A resident of Montclair Drive reported that a man in a bandana and board shorts rang his doorbell then ran hid.  He stated that the man then came back and asked over the intercom if he could use the resident's phone.

- Someone reported that a little blond boy was playing pool and dancing at a Columbia Falls bar.

Thursday, July 18

- A suspicious person was spotted running around inside a Kalispell store, specifically around the cash register area.  That person turned out to be an employee.

- A Martin City man claimed that his brother stole his gun and he wanted to press charges.  He called back later claiming that he found it under one of his blankets.

- A concerned Kalispell man reported that his wife went shopping six hours ago and had yet to return.  She returned shortly thereafter.

- An intoxicated woman claimed that her "ignorant" boyfriend took her keys and would not allow her to drive.

- An angry Columbia Falls man claimed that when he attempted to grab a dollar from the ground, it was jerked away by a boy who had attached the dollar to the boy's fishing pole.

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