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Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Harley Moment and Visit from Alaetra

Today we are just getting ready for our trip up to Philly, and hosting our niece Alaetra and her friend, K.C. at lunch.  She's expecting and we have a little present for her.

We took our usual morning walk today.  We expected it to be very cold, but it didn't feel as cold as we thought it would be.  We started our walk just after 8:30 am and the sun was already up, so the sun undoubtedly warmed us.

We were back in the RV and starting to think about breakfast when Dave, our campground neighbor and, with his wife Kris, who work at our campground, started his Harley Davidson.  He had told us yesterday that he planned to run it a bit today in order just to keep it healthy.  We had told him we would surely hear it, and when we did, we'd drop over.  Kathy was especially excited to see the bike.

So we ambled over and Dave showed us all the features on the bike.  Here are Kathy and Dave with the Harley:

Just as we got over to their campsite, Kris and Dave were out putting their Christmas tree back together after the heavy winds of the last two days.  Their tree is a natural tree that they put up outside their motor home.  It had many fragile ornaments, and some paper ones.  The winds took the paper ones who knows where.  The fragile ornaments were left, blown off the overturned tree, but amazingly very few had broken.

Kris and Dave have been favoring us with some salad and spinach greens.  In the winter, we love the chance to get out in the sun, and fruit and veggies also improve our humor.

We got a call from Katie last night.  She has the flu - has had for the last week, and it has gotten into her ear canal, giving her a not-very-pleasant case of vertigo.  She can't drive and now it looks like the flu will keep a grip on her for at least several more days.  And vertigo to boot.  No fun.  And poor Katie, being in New Haven only three weeks or so doesn't have anyone to look in on her or to walk Maggie.  So Maggie gets one or two little flu-limited walks with Katie, but not the longer outings she loves so much.

Katie was to see us over Christmas.  Now it's iffy the extent to which she'll be well enough to join in the festivities.  One of her stepbrothers has volunteered to drive her down to her mom's house, so we will get a chance to at least see her.  We just wish she didn't have to be sick over the holidays.

Alaetra and K.C. arrived at lunch time. We quickly dug into tacos and nachos. We had a great time catching up. We took a walk around the campground and enjoyed the warm sunshine.

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