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Monday, March 21, 2022

Sheila and the Case of the Traveling Cereal

 Hi Blog!

Several weeks ago, we were camped in Apopka, Florida next to a full-time RVer named Sheila. She had been on the road about a year with her two dogs. The full-time lifestyle was just not what she expected. As we know, it is a lot of work. Sheila decided to give up RVing and move back to Michigan. She sold her class C motorhome and the new owner was coming to the RV park to pick it up. Sheila was frantically trying to stuff all of her personal possessions into her car along with her two dogs. She was giving away everything she no longer needed or which wouldn't fit into her car. 

Before starting her full-time adventure, Sheila was worried she wouldn't find her favorite healthy natural cereal, so she ordered an entire case. Not wanting to run out, she ordered a second case. Unfortunately, there was no room in the car for an entire case of cereal. Sheila asked if we would take the unopened case of cereal and put it to good use. We decided to share the cereal with family and friends along our travels. 

After leaving Apopka, we met up with our friends, Karen and Connie at the Bok Tower Gardens in Lakes Wales. The first box of cereal found it's new home! We first met Karen and Connie at an Escapees Rally in April 2012. Along with Ginny and Eric, they are our oldest (i.e., longest known, not most aged) RV friends. We've met up with them in California and New York and now in Florida. They are giving up the road and plan to snowbird, dividing their time, six months in Florida and six months in New York. 

The next box of cereal went to Kathy's cousin Bobby and his wife, Judy in Sebring. Bobby was a truck driver, stock truck drag racer, and an avid RVer. Originally from Kentucky, he settled in Ohio where he met his wife Judy. Bobby use to drag race an old Ford Truck, which is now in a local car museum. He still has his RV, but uses it mostly to travel between their home in Ohio and their park model in Sebring.

We left two boxes in Stuart. George and Nan were excited to receive their box. We first met George and Nan at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in October 2015, where we camped with other Escapees and crewed for balloon pilots. Since then, our paths crossed several times while we traveled to and from Alaska. They are not currently RVing and snowbird between Stuart and their lake house in Connecticut.

Our other Stuart-based RV friends, Jim and Nanc, promised to take their box on their next road trip. Who knows how far this box will go? We first met Jim and Nanc at Betty's RV Park (which, coincidentally, we found due to the suggestion of George and Nan). While Stuart is their home, they continue to travel as they visit their family and friends in Washington, PA.

Another box found its way into Dan and Gail's RV while they were camped on Jekyll Island in Georgia! We first met Dan and Gail on January 11, 2014, while hiking the Superstition Mountains from Lost Dutchman State Park. We ran into them again on March 5, 2015, in Hillsborough River State Park, north of Clearwater, Florida. Originally from Ohio, Dan and Gail are full-time RVers like us who travel every week or two weeks, working their way around the country. They also like to hike and bike and do other outdoor stuff, too. They invited us out to their campground for a barbeque.

We still have a couple boxes left, so if you plan to be on the east coast this spring, let us know.  And if you don't let us know, we'll track you down anyway!

P.S. Sheila left before we could get her contact information, so she may never know just how far her cereal has traveled.

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