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Monday, November 26, 2018


November 25, 2018
Hi Blog!

While it seems like we've been celebrating Kathy's birthday for the past week, her actual birthday was Sunday, November 25th. To cap off our week of celebrating, Dave and Darla took her to Disneyland! Upon arrival, Kathy received her birthday button.

We've been to Disney World in Florida several times, but this is Kathy's first visit to Disneyland. Main Street here has a similar feel to that of Disney World -- just a bit smaller.

First stop, the Christmas Tree.

Getting spacey on Space Mountain.

Time to chill out at the Matterhorn.

A visit to any Disney location wouldn't be complete without a churro!

Just like in the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas," Jack Skellington takes over the haunted house and decorates it with the help of the folks from Halloween Town.

We saved the best for last.

On our way to see the famous mouse, we took a selfie in the fun house.

Chance for Mickey Mouse to wish you Happy Birthday - priceless!

While most of the attractions in Toontown are geared to the little kids, we still found something for us big kids!  We didn't want to leave Darla "Home Alone" or she would have missed out on this joyride:

Just as we finished our souvenir shopping, it was time for the Christmas Parade! The musical toy soldiers entertained the crowd with their high stepping.

Minnie and Mickey were busy decorating their tree.

Woody prepared to lasso some toys.

Everyone eagerly awaited the tap dancing reindeer.

Of course, the highlight of the parade was the jolly old elf!

By the time we left the park, Kathy had received 29 Happy Birthdays from various crew members -- and THREE of them knew her name (Kathy points out that this might be because her name was on her birthday badge). 

This will be a birthday Kathy won't forget!

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