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Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas in DC

Hi Blog!

We have returned to Tucson from our three week trip to the East Coast. While we still don't have our motor home, we did pick up our Jeep! Before beginning our RV adventures anew, we wanted to share some more of our holiday memories. When last we blogged, we had just completed a trip to the Philadelphia area. When we returned to Arlington, we began the Christmas preparations. Here Bubu (the Host with The Most) shows off the newly trimmed tree.

Matt, Weina and William had a few days of work and school to finish before Christmas vacation. We occupied ourselves with Christmas shopping and a trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

We love all the Smithsonian Museums and this newest museum does not disappoint. It is so well curated and very interactive. Your journey starts in the basement where it is very cramped and dark, much like the history of slavery. As you work your way up the different floors, the building opens up and the exhibits take on a much lighter note, celebrating achievement and hope for the future. Do NOT miss the museum restaurant! They have home cooking from all over the country - fried chicken, gumbo, BBQ, buffalo brisket, trout and corn bread - just to name a few. If the timed tickets weren't so hard to come by, we'd go back again just for lunch!

Katie planned to arrive on the red eye and surprise William on his first day of Christmas vacation. As fortune would have it, Katie's flight was delayed about four hours. This gave William enough time to get up and surprise Katie at the airport!  Here is Sir William on his way from the Reston Metro Station to the airport taking time to let his little light shine!

Once we got back from the airport, it was time to get busy baking Christmas cookies and decorating the gingerbread house.

Dave admires the finished product.

One of our favorite places in D.C. is Blues Alley Jazz Club. Every time we are in the area, we check to see who is playing. As it turned out, Jane Monheit was scheduled to perform a holiday concert. We asked the kids if they wanted tickets for Christmas. Chance to go Christmas Clubbing with your kids - priceless!

Back at the home front, William helped Weina make baozi for our Christmas Eve breakfast.

After breakfast, Katie, Matt, Weina and William drove up to Joan and Joe's house in Delaware for their annual Christmas Eve dinner.  Before leaving, William made sure the stockings were hung by the fireplace video with care.

Christmas morning dawned bright and early. Before long, the merry band of Christmas travelers returned to find that Santa Claus had indeed visited while they were away. Here, Weina models the latest in Christmas fashion head gear.

While Matt and Katie cooked up a storm, Mommy, YeYe and NaiNai kept William entertained with Christmas movies, games and books.

A truly amazing feast was laid out before us - fresh green salad, pork shoulder braised in milk and onions, roasted brussell spouts and pumpkin mac and cheese!

Katie had to return to LA right after Christmas. We stayed through the New Year, having amazing adventures. William recently visited an art gallery which inspired him to create his own.

While we were still in town, Weina and Matt scheduled a "date" night which meant that we could also have a "date" night with William. Here we are enjoying one of our favorite Chinese restaurants.

We also scheduled a "play date" with William's cousin Ryan. We all drove to Kathy's brother's house, where Steve and Lea Ann hosted a New Year's Eve taco party! Since Ryan is six years older than William, he likes to share his "younger boy" toys. Here William and Dave are laying out the dozens of matchbox cars Ryan gifted to William.

Here we are getting ready to ring in the New Year!

We had time for one more adventure before it was back to work and school and retirement. Since the Smithsonians are only a metro ride away, Weina suggested we visit the National Air and Space Museum. We are doing our best to teach him to "boldly go where no one has gone before"!

As a final postscript, we have included a photo of the matchbox Jeep Wrangler Sahara that William gave us before we left. Whie it is not the same color as our new Jeep, William thought we should have it since we like Jeeps so much.  Now it sits proudly next to the (about to be historic) model of our truck and 5th wheel:

And so ends another holiday adventure. We are looking forward to trying out the new Jeep. Stay thirsty my friends.

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